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Starting a new year in the irriapps project

I’m happy to announce that we are starting a new stage at the irriapps project.

The start of a new year was a great time to review the progress of the project. Although it’s a personal project, I spend a lot of my free time coding, testing and updating the applications in the site. It has been hard but it has worth the effort.

This time some applications are changed its category from “Development” to “Testing”, and this are great news for the users because they are usable applications at this point. But warning, they are not yet in the “Stable” category which means they are not ready for production environment. These are small programs but they have a lot of work inside.

I make the programs because I need them for my work, and after a while I release them so they are available to everyone. The updated programs are:

  • KmlTool: a new program to retrieve coordinates from KML files.
  • Coordinates: the classic coordinates converter between UTM and LatLon.
  • RunoffCoefficient: a program to compute the runoff coefficient for watersheds.

Now the big programs are coming next, they need a major amount of effort but I will finish them eventually so keep in touch.

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