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Dipregav was the first attempt to create a program for design gabion dams. This was created as part of a bachelor thesis. It has copyright from Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Mexico.

IMPORTANT: This program is only available in Spanish (sorry English speaking folks).

Dipregav is a program to design small gabion dams for soil conservation purposes, it was developed in Python 2.

To use this program you should collect data in the field. The main data is channel’s cross section of the site where the dam will be placed. Some data from soil and watershed be required from field. Other useful data are precipitation records and the characteristics of the material (stone) available.

This program is able to estimate runoff or discharge using the rational formula or the Chezy-Manning equation using the maximum height of the water observed in the cross section of the channel. Runoff estimation is useful to design a rectangular broad-crested weir for the dam.

To create the dimensions of the dam, an algorithm based on a set of empirical rules was coded.

Finally a stability analysis module was coded using the simplified method by Oropeza Mota & López Martinez from Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico. This method has some particular assumptions that make it easy to apply, even for people that has no engineering degrees. There are other methods to analyze a gabion dam, but they are not included here, maybe in the next version more methods of analysis will be included.

As extra features, a text file report and DXF plans with front view, lateral view and top view of the gabion dam can be generated by the program. This allows the user to create custom plans in any CAD-like program.

Gabbioni (the new version of this program) has more efficient code and better performance, but if you are curious you can download and install this program. Feel free to download it in the link below.


You can find more documentation (in Spanish) for this program in this presentation and this article. They are from the II Congreso Nacional de Riego y Drenaje 2016 (II National Congress of Irrigation and Drainage 2016) in Mexico.


Windows installer for 64 bits: