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It has been a while since I wrote something, and what is the point? The boom of blogging was more than a decade ago, and kids nowadays are more into

Gabbioni (Beta) introduction

This is a simple video that shows how to use Gabbioni (Beta) to design a gabion dam in a few steps. More information and downloads at: Enjoy!

New version of Gabbioni released!

I’m happy to announce the new release of the Gabbioni software! After months of active development I’m ready to release to the world the new and improved version of the

Starting a new year in the irriapps project

I’m happy to announce that we are starting a new stage at the irriapps project. The start of a new year was a great time to review the progress of

Runoff coefficient for watersheds

The irriapps project was born in Mexico, and some tools (like this) are clearly focused in the Mexican engineering. This time a command line program for calculating the runoff coefficient

Coordinates conversion made simple

Hello again, this is an exciting time for this website because a new version of the program to convert between geographic coordinates (LatLon) and the UTM projection is released! This

Starting a new site!

This is the new irriapps project site and the adventure continues! There is only one purpose for this site: share some knowledge and software about irrigation engineering. Hope you find