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Irriapps Project

Welcome to the irriapps project! We provide specialized software mainly for irrigation engineering, hydraulics, hydrology and agricultural engineering.

Software & info

This is our free software catalog:

Program Description Status
Gabbioni Design of small gabion dams for soil conservation. Testing
Coordinates Conversion between geographic coordinates and UTM projection. Testing
Runoff Coefficient Runoff coefficient for watersheds using Mexican Norm NOM-011-CONAGUA-2015. Testing
KmlTool Retrieve coordinates from Google Earth’s Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files. Testing
Runcof Runoff coefficient for watersheds using Mexican Norm NOM-011-CONAGUA-2015 (Same as above but as a command line tool). Testing
gdamslib Python 2 module to design small gabion dams. Testing

NOTE: programs under “Development” or “Testing” categories are not recommended for usage in production environments, because their features are still being tested. Use “Stable” programs instead (if available).

Feel free to download, use, test and redistribute the programs. You can help us by giving some feedback, just fill the contact form in the sidebar.

Third Party Software

If you need a piece of software to do something different, please visit our software repository for irrigation.


Also there are some tutorials that you can check: